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**********************Super delighted to be the ONLY distro offering these up for sale **********************

Sedna Chronicles (cd & A4 brochure)

The Sedna Chronicles are Andy Sharp (author and the principle figure behind English Heretic) and Grey Malkin (Widow’s Weeds/Meadowsilver and previously The Hare & The Moon).

With their eponymous debut album, Sedna Chronicles provide an aural document of various journeys taken together by both artists over the course of 2019 to the present day, to locations within Scotland that lean towards the occult, the unusual or the eerie. These landmarks include the polyhedronic sundial at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh (which has alleged occult providence and is reputedly a gateway to another world), to Gilmerton Cove, an underground and unexplained series of hand carved caverns or chambers that may have been the site of anything from a covenanter’s hideout to a place of witchcraft. Stopping off points range from the gravestone of Lt John Irving of the doomed arctic expedition on board The Terror, to the previous site of the hangman’s noose in Edinburgh’s bustling Grassmarket, and to the remote sands of Aberlady where the wreck of two military submarines sit like the ravaged skeletons of giant metallic sea serpents. Informed by these locations and their sense of genius loci, these 7 pieces of music provide a chronicle or imaginary record of these journeys and the shared experiences at these (often thin) spaces.

***This is a superb album from this wonderful duo. Comes with a pro printed gatefold digipack cover plus a superb A4 sized three panel fold out brochure. Very limited copies here and getting low on stock overall.


One of the remaining copies of the cd/brochure can be purchased here : 

Sedna Chronicles | Sedna Chronicles | The Hare And The Moon (

Jim Griffin Distro Items

Just taken delivery of some superb distro stock from the amazing progmeister himself....Jim Griffin.
I always take time to support Jim, either as a solo artist or with his band Zombie Picnic. So... I have here copies of Jim's superb new solo album "The Signal" cd. This is a promade digipack cd which contains seven superb tracks complete with eight page booklet. This album features contributions from The Heartwood Institute (Jonathan Sharp), Grey Malkin, David Colohan plus special start guest Joe Bouchard from Blue Oyster Cult plus many other folks too. Jim has always been a huge fan of Blue Oyster Cult, so this must be a dream come true for him to do this. Each cd comes with a sticker and exclusive badge from me. I have also been able to get hold of three limited edition cassette copies of Jim's previous solo album "To A Far City" I have a small number of the RW cd version. Al copies of this come with a download and jigsaw piece.

Cost as follows :
The Signal cd (with badge and sticker) £8.00
To A Far City limited edition cassette £8.00
To A Far City RW cd version SOLD OUT
All the above do not include postage/shipping cost
which will be combined for multiple items.

****As a special bonus for RW purchasers of Jim's "The Signal" cd. Your email address will be forwarded to Jim to obtain a special bonus selection of "Off The Cutting Room Floor" music which is not available on the cd itself.

You can purchase direct from Jim and/or listen via his bandcamp here :
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