Lockdown Sale
All of these cds are £2.00 GBP each plus postage / shipping cost. Down to very small quantities of some of
these titles which will not be made again by myself.

Gavin John Baker & David C.W.Briggs "A Meal For Two"

Knife Throwers Assistance

Heidi Harris "Dream Fodder"

Kennel Cough

Alex Monk "Kit Mikayi"

Gavin John Baker "Rise With The Sun"

Wooden Spoon "Tape Loops"

Violet Nox "Nebula"

The End Springs "The Mystery Pine Cone Tape"

Swallow The Rat EP

James McKeown "Drawninward"


So There "Securable Brim"

Stuart Chalmers "Self Destruction"

Agitated Radio Pilot "The Bridesmaid & The Partial Eclipse"

Jon Scullion "Calenture"

The Equestrian Vortex "Autoborn"

David C.W. Briggs "Black Plume"

Nwyvre "Fnord"

Nwyre "Torann"

Electric Throne "King Sized Collection"

David C.W. Briggs "When My Musics Down"

Yuletidings From The Premo Hannert Family

David C.W. Briggs "Why Are We Hiding ?"

The Equestrian Vortex "Electronic Ritual"

Alice Artaud - Moira-Live From The Gates Of Hell EP

Giant Kind - "Dream Time For Taiga"

Electric Throne  "King Sized Collection"


Zero Centigrade & M.A. "Black Like A Crow"

Cathal Rodgers  "Ways And Means"

Cathal Rodgers  "All Pwerful And Ever Living"

The Implicit Order "I Hear A Voice In A Room Next To Mine"

Bosques  "El Alimento Hace Bien"

Hawk Horses

Creature Breath "The Giveaway"

Hulaluna Bonfire "A Pillbox Called Freshminths"

Lou Baumann "Performances Senoras"

Black Lesbian Fishermen "Ectopic Apiary"

To order please contact me : roger.linney@btinternet.com