Future Grave

Limited Edition Handmade Lathe Cut Label

Sproatly Smith

Beltane Rain / The River Song

7" Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut Single

(Future Grave FG 06)

50 Copies  PREORDER

I am very pleased indeed to be offering up the latest recordings from the amazing Sproatly Smith. It has been quite some time since we worked together. This is a real pleasure for me and is well worth waiting for. The lathe contains two wonderful tracks which truly demostrate a band in top form. The A side "Beltane Rain" is a gorgeous, ethereal, trippy acoustic number which floats along into wyrdfolk heaven. Flip over the disc and we have Sproatly's dizzy folkpsyche take on Donovan's "The River Song". 

The lathes plays at 45rpm and were expertly cut by Michael Lawrence at Bladud Flies!.

The artwork has been created by Emily Fosbery.

Each lathe is individually numbered and comes with a download code.




Kitchen Cynics & Grey Malkin

Babby's Ghost / An Encounter by Moonlight

7" Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut Single

(Future Grave FG 05)

50 Copies 

For the fifth release on Future Grave I offer up the preorder for this outstanding two track 7" single by Kitchen Cynics &

Grey Malkin. Whilst recording the duo's "The Wonder Room" album I suggested the possibility of doing a lathe cut


single. Luckily both Alan and Grey agreed and set about recording these two songs which are not available on the album


itself. These are two ghost stories put to song. The first track "Babby's Ghost" is based on the drowning of Bobby Brown,


the flower of Deeside, and her new husband, when a cable car broke as they were being carried over the River Dee in


spate. The second song "An Encounter by Moonlight" was inspired by Athur Machen's splendid short story "The Happy


Children". This single was mastered by John Cavanagh .The lathes play at 45rpm and were cut by the one and only


Michael Lawrence at Bladud Flies!.Artwork created by Alan Cynics himself.


Each copy of the single is individually hand numbered and comes with a download code.



Sophia Djebel Rose

La Louve / La Saveur Des Fruits Exotiques

7" Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut Single 

FG 04

(50 Copies)

This fourth limited edition Future Grave release is from the wonderful french songstress Sophia Djebel Rose.

These are her debut solo recordings after being a member of the french band An Eagle In Your Mind for sometime.

This is a two track 7" clear vinyl lathe cut single which plays at 45rpm. It comes with a numbered insert plus a

download code which contains five tracks which makes up her debut mini album.

With thanks to Sophia.

This one has turned out beautifully.

Listen / watch / download here :

Lathes cut at Bladud Flies!

Cost as follows :

UK = £17.00

Europe = £20.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £22.00 GBP

Paypal to roger.linney@btinternet.com



Alula Down

Wrap Your Hills Around Our Absence

One Side Clear Vinyl One Sided 7" Single

(FG 02)

50 Copies split equally with the artist

Super delighted to be offering up the PREORDER for my second Future Grave lathe. This time we have a very recently

composed tune by one of my favourites Alula Down aka Kate Gathercole and Mark Bass aka Mark Waters.

This song is written about the effects and feelings created by lockdown.The title of the song is a line from a poem by

Nadine Anne Hura : Papatuanuku - Mother Earth.

It was recorded at home during lockdown, recovering from Covid-19.

Mastering by Ian Carter.The lathes were expertly cut by Phil Pio at 345RPM.

Record label artwork by Kate Gathercole

The record comes in textured denim blue covers.Each copy is individually numbered on the reverse sticker.

This is a clear vinyl one sided 7" single which plays at 45rpm.

Each disc comes with a download code.





Kathleen Yearwood with Trappist Afterland

High In The Foothills / Arid Travels

FG 01

(50 Copies)

This is the debut release on Future Grave. A clear vinyl lathe cut 33.3rpm 7" single which contains two very

wonderful specially recorded tracks. Towards the end of 2019 Adam Cole contacted me to let me know he

had been working with canadian experimental folk singer songwriter and writer Kathleen Yearwood.

The music on this disc is the finished result which I really think is a superb way to start a new label project.

These records have been hand crafted over the last few months to the same standard of care and finish as

usual and are individual pieces of art in themselves. The lathes were expertly cut by Phil Macy at 345RPM.

Each record comes with a hand numbered insert and download code.


Trappist Afterland & Grey Malkin

Doonie Woods / Crippled Cross

(FG 03)

Clear vinyl 7" lathe cut single

Edition of 60 numbered copies.

Super excited to be offering up this two track lathe cut clear vinyl 7" single by Trappist Afterland & Grey Malkin.

These two tracks were recorded after and not included on the amazing "The Trappist & The Hare" album. Whilst discussing the artwork we decided to do two different cover designs created by David Folkmann Drost. Each lathe is individually numbered and comes with an insert plus a download code for both tracks. Lathe cutting by Phil Macy at 345RPM.


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