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Future Grave

Limited Edition Handmade Lathe Cut Label

Olvardil Prydwyn & Diana McFadden
(Future Grave FG 28)
Isle Of Islay / Lady With A Fan
White Vinyl 7" Lathe Cut
50 Copies
Sometimes persistance pays off. This is the case with this lathe cut. Prydwyn and myself have been in contact for quite some time (on and off for around eight years) discussing possible music. So...i'm very pleased to say that this is the first of two releases coming your way this year. The two tracks featured on this lathe cut were originally featured on the cassette issue of the wonderful "The Witch In The Well" album back in 1997. This album will hopefully be reissued on cd in an expanded form later this year.
Whilst discussing this we explored the idea of releasing two tracks from the album as a lathe cut. We settled on "Isle Of Islay" and "Lady With A Fan". Prydwyn was keen on having "Isle Of Islay" as the A side because this was the first song that Diana and Prydwyn ever played together, at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in 1994.
Both tracks have been mastered by Anthony Cornish.
The lathe cut comes in white vinyl with picture record labels. They come with printed metallic paper inner sleeves and stickered picture disc pvc covers.
Lathes cut by Phil Macy @ 345 Lathe Cutting.

Cost as follows:
The lathe cut costs £15.00 plus the following additional postage/shipping cost:

UK = £3.00
Europe = £5.50 GBP
USA & ROW = £7.50 GBP
Australia = £8.50 GBP
Paypal to





Henry Parker
(Future Grave FG 27)
Side A : Meanwood Valley Tanneries (Henry Parker)
Side B :  Sweet Spring (C.O.B. / Clive's Original Band)

7" Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut Single

50 Copies


Super delighted to be offering up this superb 7" lathe cut single. After meeting Henry for the first time in London in March 2023 when he played on tour alongside Adam Geoffrey Cole aka Trappist Afterland, I decided there and then, that I wanted to work with Henry. Thankfully he agreed and this is the end result.

The A side was recorded in 2023 and is a song written for the tanning industry of Leeds, which grew up in the

Meanwood Valley, to the north of the city, in the mid 17th century. The song tries to conjure atmosphere and describe the process of the work, of fell-mongers stripping the hide, before soaking the skins in lime and oak-tannin. In the 19th century Leeds was the second largest leather producing city in the UK, throwing out 100,000 pairs of boots a week. Due in part

to it’s foul smelling industry, the Meanwood Valley was known for being a particularly rough place to live, with

drunkenness and crime being rife. Eventually the local woods were completely stripped of the necessary bark used for the processing of the raw leather and in the early 20th century foreign competition drove the mills and tanneries out of business. The son of the owner of Meanwood Tannery, Samuel Smith, went on to run the family’s famous brewery

in nearby Tadcaster.

 Inspiration for the song and information for sleeve notes comes from The West Yorkshire Woods – Part II:

The Aire Valley by Chris Goddard, 2021.

The B side track Sweet Spring. Appearing as a bonus track on the Sunbeam Records CD reissue of COB’s 2nd album: Moyshee McStiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart, originally released by Polydor in 1972, this song, possibly written by Mick Bennet or Clive Palmer never made it onto the LP at the time but remains an enchanting glimpse into the period. The band were immersed in philosophy, Buddhism and poetry; and Sweet Spring’s yearning lyrics draw from Dylan Thomas’s Fern Hill, “Time held me green and dying, though I sang in my chains like the sea”. 

Side B recorded in 2021. Originally released October 2022 as a digital-only track for the compilation tribute

album - ‘Spirit of Clive : A Tribute to the Music of Clive Palmer & COB. This is this tracks physical debut.

Both tracks recorded at Corner House Recording Studio, Keighley. Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Kurt Wood

 Side A features Rob McNicholas on electric bass and Louis Berthoud on drums.

All vocals and guitars on Side A & B by Henry Parker

 Physical artwork by Roger Linney

Digital artwork by Henry Parker

Lathes cut by Phil Macy @345 Lathe Cutting


Kawabata Makoto
Star Kaleidoscope / Cosmos Walker
Lathe Cut Clear Vinyl 7" Single
(Future Grave FG 25)

50 Copies

Having worked at various times with Makoto over the years, I suppose it was obvious I was eventually going to ask him to record something to fit the Future Grave aesthetic. it is. We have two exclusive hypnotic looped acoustic based tracks that were recorded specially for Future Grave at Acid Mothers Temple in January this year. Both tracks were produced, engineered and mixed by Makoto.
This edition of 50 copies are individually numbered and come in hand made and stickered card sleeves in five different contrasting designs. Each copy comes with two inserts and a download for both tracks.
The lathes were cut my Phil Macy @ 345RPM Lathe Cutting.

Check this out :


Blake Hornsby
(Future Grave FG 26)
40 Copies
A Side : "Cruel Sister" (Single Version)
B Side : Embryonic Journey / Old Joe Clark.

I am very pleased indeed to announce FG 26. This is a really wonderful 8" clear vinyl lathe cut
three track EP from american guitar player Blake Hornsby. This one had been on the backburner for a while whilst
it was all sorted out and mastered. The lathe cut contains two traditional folk songs and a superb
Jefferson Airplane cover version. 

"Embryonic Journey" is a tune written by Jorma Kaukonen for Jefferson Airplane's album "Surrealistic Pillow".
Blake learned it from watching a YouTube video of Jorma playing it and, although it's only a couple minutes
long, it took some time to learn it well. Jorma really is one of the greats.

The lathe cut comes in hand made black card stickered sleeves with paste on photographic panels.
The artwork for the cover and record labels are collages created by Alan Davidson
aka Mr. Kitchen Cynics himself.

Mastered by Anders Peterson.
Lathes cut by Phil Macy @ 345RPM Lathe Cutting.

The 8" lathe cut costs £18.00 each plus additional postage shipping cost:
UK = £3.00
Europe = £5.75 GBP
USA & ROW = £7.50 GBP
Paypal to



Kitchen Cynics & Grey Malkin

New Ghost in Town / The Ballad of Sweet William

Clear Vinyl 7" Lathe Cut

(Future Grave FG 24)

50 Copies 

It's a pleasure for me to announce this one. This is my fourth in a series of lathe cut 7" singles by

Kitchen Cynics & Grey Malkin. Each lathe features tunes based on ghost stories. As usual this one is

totally top draw and is not to be missed. Cut at 33rpm and sounding very crisp.

Mastered by Anthony Cornish.

This is a clear vinyl 7" lathe cut (edition of 50 numbered copies) which comes with a postcard and download code. Cover artwork by Alan Cynics himself.

Cost as follows:

The lathe costs £15.00 plus the following postage/shipping costs:

UK = £2.50

Europe = £5.00 GBP

USA & Canada = £7.00 GBP

Australia & ROW = £8.00 GBP

Paypal to
























































Seven Rivers Of Fire

Shout, Spirit! Shout!

7" Lathe Cut Clear Vinyl Single

(Future Grave FG 22)

40 Copies

Side A) Set A Fire / Side B) The Western Hills

Very pleased to be offering up this exclusive two track 7" single by William Randles aka Seven Rivers Of Fire. The single contains two tracks which have been specifically recorded for this project. This is lovely devotional rural psychedelic folk in a early Six Organs Of Admittance / P.G. Six stylee. Comes in handmade 225 kraft card sleeves with paste on photographic panel. Includes a download code for both tracks. Individually numbered (40 Copies).

Cost as follows :

UK = £17.00

Europe = £23.00 GBP (Tracked)

USA & ROW = £24.50 GBP (Tracked)

Paypal to




Kathleen Yearwood
Old Dog Snore / Church of the Sun
8" Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut
(Future Grave FG 23)
40 Copies

This has been a lovely project to work on which has been overseen by Kathleen who has created gorgeous artwork for the record labels. The lathe features two tracks taken from her "Folk Songs" album. I personally picked these for this lathe cut simply because I liked them so much.

The lathe cut features Kathleen (Guitar & Voice) with contributions from Andy Robins (Contra bass & voice), Rebecca Bruton (Violin) Adam Geoffrey Cole (Oud) and Rune Kjaer Rasmussen (Voice).

Presented in hand made and stickered goldenrod yellow card sleeves.
The lathes are cut on 8" clear vinyl by Phil Macy at 345RPM Lathe Cutting.
This is a numbered edition of 40 copies ONLY.
Comes with download codes for both tracks.

Wise words from Rune Kjaer Rasmussen who sings on "Old Dog Snore":
"A scent of freshness from the soil after rain. Drops moving on big leaves until they fall, ready to nourish the roots of the forest. A strong sense of melody from the bark of giants protecting Earth. Walking through a forest I imagine suddenly listening to this music and the need to follow it. That need becomes magnetic because it is a piece of gentle, wild and wonderful nature itself. This is music to fall in love with. And since it does not go away it is such a fine arrangement. Thanks".

Check out the superb album that both of the tracks from the lathe cut come from here :
Folk Songs | Kathleen Yearwood Ordeal (



Adam Geoffrey Cole with Anthony Cornish
Cellophane Sea
Deluxe Edition Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut LP/CDR
(FG 21)

I am super pleased to announce this deluxe edition of this wonderful album. There have been many twists and turns in its creation. A massive amount of work, preperation, love, sweat and toil have all been combined to present this.

Adam recorded the album in the summer of 2022. It was originally titled "Drinking With The Flies" and intended to be a stripped down eight track album which was mixed by Grey Malkin. Around five months or so later on, Adam contacted me to say he had decided to change the albums title to "The Cellophane Sea" and rerecord and work on the album some more. This would become the third album by Adam Geoffrey Cole and Anthony Cornish. 

After discussions we decided to make the album a deluxe edition containing the new version (The Cellophane Sea) as a clear vinyl lathe cut LP and the original version (Drinking With The Flies) as a bonus cdr. Both versions of the album are superb and contain a selection of different tracks and rerecordings plus slightly different retitled cover artwork. 
I wanted to create an album which had a 1960's/70's private press feel to it.

This time the lathes were cut by the amazing Tasha Trigger at Lathe To The Grave. Each lathe cut comes in crystal clear vinyl and weighs around 175grams with pro printed record labels which have a metallic sheen. The covers are made from 100% recycled white card. Each cover has a front and back printed panel which were printed in australia. The panels were trimmed to size and hand pasted onto each cover (this took a week to complete).
Each record is hand numbered in an edition of 93 copies and comes in a plastic sleeve.
Mastered for lathe cut by Anthony Cornish.
Comes with a download code.




Sound and Voice
Fleeting Fondness
Clear Vinyl 7" Lathe Cut Single
(Future Grave FG 20)

I am very pleased indeed to announce the first release of 2023. This time we have a wonderful two track 7" lathe cut by texas based guitar player Sound and Voice aka Merit Medrano. The style of music made stems from influences such as Guy Blakeslee, american primitive guitarist Glenn Jones, Sandy Bull, and Mississippi John Hurt. 

Merit self describes his music as "Lonesome desert folk for stargazers and daydreamers - made with love".

Initial planning for this one began in mid summer 2022. Merit decided to revisit "Fleeting Fondness" one of his older recordings and do a new take. It features Merit and Emily Fisher on vocal duties. It's B side is the instrumental swinging "Discontent From A Familiar Place".

Available as a hand numbered edition of 50 copies with printed and hand torn to size photo collage artwork created by Merit. Comes with a download code for both tracks.

Check out/download both tracks here: Fleeting Fondness | Sound and Voice (

Please Note this is a preorder which will be posted/shipped out in mid-late february.

Cost as follows :

UK = £17.00
Europe = £23.00 GBP
USA & ROW = £24.50 GBP
Paypal to


2022-08-25 16.51.29.jpg

Adam Geoffrey Cole
Drunk With The Flies / Star Of The Sea
Clear Vinyl 7" lathe cut Single
(Future Grave FG 19)

I am really more than pleased to be working with Adam once again. This is a crystal clear vinyl 7" single with two superb tracks. The single features contributions from Grey Malkin (piano and glockenspiel) and Walker Phillips (sitar). Recorded and mixed by Anthony Cornish and Grey Malkin. Mastered at Horizon Sound by Anthony Cornish.
Lathes cut at

The A side is taken from a forthcoming 12" lathe cut Current 93 tour LP "Drinking With The Flies" which is due for release by myself next year. The B side cut "Star Of The Sea" is not featured on the tour LP and is exclusive to this disc. This is a numbered edition of 60 copies. There is no download code with this one as Adam has decided to keep it "old school". It comes in bright blue hand cut card sleeves with stickered front and reverse plus a insert. The A side label has a image of Adam playing his lute. The B side has track details. 



20220608_130639 (2).jpg
BNW turntable photo.jpg

Brave New World

(Future Grave FG 18)

Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut 10" EP

50 Copies

Really delighted to announce this superb three track EP from Brave New World. This one has been on the backburner for a long time and its been well worth waiting for.

Brave New World has been in existence for around six years or so with different line ups. Chris Sirett is now the only original member of the band. They have had a number of low key releases in that period including a very limited release on The Lathe Cut House imprint which included the original version of "The Laddie" which has been slightly remixed and reworked with lovely three part harmony vocals by Lydia Twigger and Jenny Lynch Lewis. "The Laddie" was inspired by the film "The Wicker Tree" written and directed by Robin Hardy. This film never had a soundtrack unlike the Wicker Man. This opening ten minute track had a wonderful wyrdlore folk vibe. Flip onto the B side and you get two further tracks. First up is "Broken" with a late 60s Indian psych feel to it with vocals again from Lydia Twigger. Finally we have "Harmonics" which has a late 60s/early 70s Island label folk feel to it.

Produced and mixed by Dewi Thompson.

It comes with 230gsm acid free watercolour paper sleeves with paste on photo paper panels and stickered numbering on reverse. Housed in a thick PVC outer sleeve. This EP does not come with a download code. The band wanted to have a old school vibe which is echoed in the private press nature of the style of the EP itself.














Kitchen Cynics & Grey Malkin

The Montrose Air Station Ghost / What Shall I Say

(Future Grave FG 17) 

Edition of 50 Copies.

Super pleased to be offering up the PREORDER for the latest collaboration with Kitchen Cynics and Grey Malkin. This is the third in a series of infrequent supernatural clear vinyl 7" lathe cut singles. It goes without saying that this one is TOP DRAWER. It also features Alan Cynics recent collaborator Margery Daw on theremin.

‘The Montrose Air Station Ghost’ - Lt Desmond Arthur of the Royal Flying Corps was killed in a tragic accident near Montrose Air Station a year before WW1. A locket was found on his body, containing a portrait of his love, Winsome Ropner. A few years later the ghost of this young officer began to appear in the air station's officers' mess. Over the years many pilots reported seeing the apparition, with some even requesting transfers afterwards. During the Second World War there were stories of ghostly biplanes appearing in the clouds, and even seen to crash, but with no wreckage found on the ground. Winsome Ropner subsequently married, and lived to a ripe old age, but was said never to have forgotten her lost love.

'What Shall I Say' was inspired by arguably the finest supernatural film of all time, 'The Innocents', directed by Jack Clayton and starring Deborah Kerr as the haunted governess of Miles and Flora. Keep watch for the face in your window. 

Artwork by Alan Davidson aka Alan Cynics

Mixed by Alan Davidson & mastered by Anthony Cornish

Lathe cut by Michael Lawrence @Bladud Flies!

Each copy is individually numbered. Comes with an exclusive postcard and download code.



Adam Geoffrey Cole & Grey Malkin
Clear Vinyl 7" Lathe Cut Single
Future Grave FG 16
50 Copies 

February brings a brand new collaboration from Adam Geoffrey Cole (Trappist Afterland) & Grey Malkin (The Hare And The Moon / Widows Weeds). "Dwellings" is a limited lathe cut clear vinyl 7" single and composed of two brand new songs 'Houses on a Hill' and 'The World is a Closed Door'. It comes with artwork by Alan Davidson (Kitchen Cynics), who also provides backing vocals on the latter track.
There is a theme woven throughout.regarding eternal, earthbound and spiritual resting places.

Each lathe comes with a download code and exclusive postcard.

Lathes cut at Bladud Flies !




A Thousand Dead Stars

Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut 7" Single

Future Grave FG 15

(50 Copies) 

Future Grave is overjoyed to announce the preorder for the latest release by Embertides. Embertides are Daughters of Grief, David Colohan and Grey Malkin. Recorded exclusively for this project.

Side A is the fabulous folktronic "A Thousand Dead Stars". Side B has the hauntingly beautiful "The House of the Hidden Light". Both tracks show the wideranging scope of Embertides ever expanding reportoire.

The lathe comes with vintage recycled indian handmade paper covers with paste on photographic artwork.

Each cover has a hand torn binding with FG sticker on its reverse. Comes with a postcard and download code.

Lathes cut at Bladud Flies!


JAllred photo.jpg

Joseph Allred

Six Miles Up The Obey River / A Great Yellow Poplar

​Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut 7" Single

​Future Grave FG 14

​(50 Copies)

Reverb Worship via its lathe cut vinyl imprint Future Grave takes enormous pleasure in announcing a new release by one of my favourite guitar players...Joseph Allred. Joseph displays the most amazing technique and flair in his playing, which seems to ring the bells of past traditions making the most wonderful music..

This lathe cut features two wonderful exclusive pieces of music (two slide guitar improvisations recorded on a Tennessee porch with birds providing accompaniment) which were recorded by Joseph just for me.

This is a limited edition clear vinyl lathe cut 7" single. Each copy is individually numbered and comes with a download code for both tracks.


andy photo.jpg

Andy Aquarius

​The Warren / The Homestead

​Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut 7" Single

​Future Grave FG 13

​(50 Copies) 

​Sometimes an artist comes around who makes the most exquisite music. This is the case with Andy Aquarius who is a wonderful harp player. Andy Aquarius is the solo moniker of multi-instrumentalist and singer Andy Ozbolt and is the project into which he channels his unfiltered visions and mindscapes, while also playing in various bands and other musical endeavours spanning a wide array of genres. I am so delighted to be working with him. These two tracks that are hauntingly beautiful and work very well together. 'The Warren' is a magical folk tale and 'The Homestead' is a mystical ambient piece.

This is a limited edition clear vinyl lathe cut 7" single. Each copy is individually numbered and comes with a download code for both tracks. ​Lathes cut at 45rpm by Bladud Flies!.

*** Please Note : This is a preorder. Purchase now and your

order will be posted/shipped out around 15th October (or hopefully sooner).

Cost to UK buyers is £17.00 (including postage).

For international buyers please use the following link :



Future Grave Limited Edition Trucker Cap

(FG 11)


Future Grave is this vintage style limited edition trucker cap. These are a really nice quality cap manufactured by Beechfield with a snapper to adjust to your head size at the back of the cap. The cap is in black and white (padded white front, padded black brim and black mesh sides and back). Screen printed in black with the Future Grave logo in black. These are size adjustable.

£10.00 each plus postage/shipping.



Paul Metzger

​Atmosphere of the Microcosm / Sculpture of the Void

​Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut 7" Single

​Future Grave FG 09

​(50 Copies)

​​Wow !. I really am super delighted to present this amazing release from the one and only Paul Metzger.

​I have been a huge fan of Paul's music for a very long time.'s really is an honour to work with him here.

​The music on this recording is Paul's debut of him playing a sarod. This has been specially recorded for me.

​We have a fourteen minute piece of atmospheric sarod music which ebbs and flows in space and time. It has been ​split into two pieces. My only problem was fitting this onto a 7" lathe cut disc which has been expertly done for me by Michael Lawrence @ Bladud Flies!. It plays at 45rpm and sounds superb indeed.

​It comes in clear vinyl in stickered brown craft paper record sleeves. The record label designs are of leaf skeletons.

​Comes with a download code.

​This is a individually numbered edition of 50 copies.


​Cost as follows :

​UK = £17.00

​Europe = £19.50 GBP

​USA & ROW = £ 21.00 GBP

​Paypal to



Trappist Afterland & Grey Malkin - II 

Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut LP

(Future Grave FG 08)

75 Copies  

This one will be my final lathe cut release of  2020.  We present my first ever lathe cut LP on Future Grave. For me this


release had to be with my two friends Adam Geoffrey Cole aka Trappist Afterland and Grey Malkin.  This album was


recorded after the sessions for the duo's wonderful and critically approved "The Trappist & The Hare" album on


Reverb Worship. Just to point out that this is also Grey Malkin's debut debut LP too, making it uber important to all


of us. It will also be the final outing for Trappist Afterland before Adam resorts to his solo name for future recordings.

As with previous outings, when these two artists get together musical magic happens. The album contains eight tracks


of supreme mystical folk which feature sublime contributions from Anthony Cornish, David Colohan, Alan Davidson,


Jodie Cornish, Adam Casey, Gayle Brogan and Brett Polliness. 

Recorded in Melbourne, Australia by Anthony Cornish and Adam Casey and in Scotland by Grey Malkin.

Post production and mixing by Grey Malkin. Mastered at Horizon Sound by Anthony Cornish.

Sleeve artwork by Alan Davidson with additional sketches by Melanie Xulu.


This is a heavyweight clear vinyl lathe cut LP. Edition of 75 individually numbered copies. Housed in internationally


sourced 300 grs brown kraft card sleeves with printed and paste on printed artwork. Comes with a A4 sized insert, postcard


and download code of  the album itself. Lathes expertly cut by Michael Lawrence at Bladud Flies!.




You can listen and/or purchase the download of this wonderful album here :

II | Trappist Afterland & Grey Malkin | The Hare And The Moon (


Sproatly Smith

Beltane Rain / The River Song

7" Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut Single

(Future Grave FG 06)

50 Copies  

I am very pleased indeed to be offering up the latest recordings from the amazing Sproatly Smith. It has been quite some time since we worked together. This is a real pleasure for me and is well worth waiting for. The lathe contains two wonderful tracks which truly demostrate a band in top form. The A side "Beltane Rain" is a gorgeous, ethereal, trippy acoustic number which floats along into wyrdfolk heaven. Flip over the disc and we have Sproatly's dizzy folkpsyche take on Donovan's "The River Song". 

The lathes plays at 45rpm and were expertly cut by Michael Lawrence at Bladud Flies!.

The artwork has been created by Emily Fosbery.

Each lathe is individually numbered and comes with a download code.




Kitchen Cynics & Grey Malkin

Babby's Ghost / An Encounter by Moonlight

7" Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut Single

(Future Grave FG 05)

50 Copies 

For the fifth release on Future Grave I offer up this outstanding and rather amazing two track 7" single by Kitchen Cynics


& Grey Malkin. Whilst recording the duo's "The Wonder Room" album I suggested the possibility of doing a lathe cut


single. Luckily both Alan and Grey agreed and set about recording these two songs which are not available on the


album itself. These are two ghost stories put to song. The first track "Babby's Ghost" is based on the drowning of


Bobby Brown, the flower of Deeside, and her new husband, when a cable car broke as they were being carried


over the River Dee in spate. The second song "An Encounter by Moonlight" was inspired by Athur Machen's splendid


short story "The Happy Children". This single was mastered by John Cavanagh . The lathes play at 45rpm and were


cut by the one and only Michael Lawrence at Bladud Flies!. Artwork created by Alan Cynics himself.


Each copy of the single is individually hand numbered and comes with a download code.




Sophia Djebel Rose

La Louve / La Saveur Des Fruits Exotiques

7" Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut Single 

FG 04

(50 Copies)

This fourth limited edition Future Grave release is from the wonderful french songstress Sophia Djebel Rose.

These are her debut solo recordings after being a member of the lovely french band An Eagle In Your Mind for sometime.

This is a two track 7" clear vinyl lathe cut single which plays at 45rpm. It comes with a numbered insert plus a

download code which contains five tracks which makes up her debut mini album.

With many thanks to Sophia for allowing me to do this.

This one has turned out beautifully.

Listen / watch / download here :

Lathes cut at Bladud Flies!



Trappist Afterland & Grey Malkin

Doonie Woods / Crippled Cross

(FG 03)

Clear vinyl 7" lathe cut single

Edition of 60 numbered copies.

Super excited to be offering up this two track lathe cut clear vinyl 7" single by Trappist Afterland & Grey Malkin.

These two tracks were recorded after and not included on the amazing "The Trappist & The Hare" album. Whilst discussing the artwork we decided to do two different cover designs created by David Folkmann Drost. Each lathe is individually numbered and comes with an insert plus a download code for both tracks. Lathe cutting by Phil Macy at 345RPM.



Alula Down

Wrap Your Hills Around Our Absence

One Side Clear Vinyl One Sided 7" Single

(FG 02)

50 Copies split equally with the artist

Super delighted to be offering up the PREORDER for my second Future Grave lathe. This time we have a very recently

composed tune by one of my favourites Alula Down aka Kate Gathercole and Mark Bass aka Mark Waters.

This song is written about the effects and feelings created by lockdown. The title of the song is a line from a poem by

Nadine Anne Hura : Papatuanuku - Mother Earth. It was recorded at home during lockdown, recovering from Covid-19.

Mastering by Ian Carter.The lathes were expertly cut by Phil Pio at 345RPM. Record label artwork by Kate Gathercole.

The record comes in textured denim blue covers. Each copy is individually numbered on the reverse sticker.

This is a clear vinyl one sided 7" single which plays at 45rpm. Each disc comes with a download code.


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