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Sleep FUSE

Chino Burga
8" Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut
(Sleep FUSE SF 52)
30 Copies

Side A) Intercept Dub (6.33)
Side B) Synaptic (6.26)

Super pleased to announce the preorder of this, my second lathe cut release with Peruvian maestro Chino Burga. This time he offers something up slightly different and experimental. Chino has recorded two tracks based around american composer , installation artist and musician Maryanne Amacher, using samples and ideas. This new music sees Chino exploring shoegaze/drone/industrial EDM. The two tracks have repetative booming dense beats and trance like hazey textures.
The sleeves are handmade with paste on artwork panels featuring an image of Maryanne in the studio.
Each lathe is individually numbered.

Check out the video for "Synaptic" here :


Listen to/ check out here : Amacher93 | Chino Burga (

Cost as follows :
The lathe costs £16.00 plus the following postage/shipping cost.
UK = £3.50
Europe = £6.50 GBP
USA & ROW = £7.50 GBP
Paypal to



Destroy Civilisation
7" Clear Vinyl 4 Track Lathe Cut EP
(SF 51)

First spotted by myself via the superb Feral Child Recordings "The Nuclear Laundry" LP last year. I am very pleased indeed to announce the preorder for second release from Doomlo
de aka Neil Scrivin. This time we have a four track EP of new music recorded in 2021-2023. Taking on the same bleak nuclear fear paranoia themes as before.
The lathe cut comes presented in white card sleeves with paste on artwork with the same DIY ethic as usual.

All instruments - Neil Scrivin

Equipment : Casio SK-60, Korg MicroSampler, Roland JP-08, Roland JX-03, Roland SH-01A, Yamaha VSS-30, Korg Mini KP2, Line 6 M9, Zoom MS-70CDR, Fostex X-24, Zoom R8.
Comes with a download code for all four tracks.

Lathes cut by Phil Macy @345rpm Lathe Cutting



2022-07-15 13.19.26.jpg

Deep Fade 
Line Of Flight
Cdr / Limited Edition Paramnesia Fanzine
50 Copies
(SF 53)

Sleep FUSE / Reverb Worship presents the UK/European issue of this superb debut project from Deep Fade.
"Line Of Flight" was originally available in the USA only as a very limited cassette tape which came with a even
more limited A4 sized  "Paramesia" fanzine.It was decided to allow me to do a limited cdr version of this album with limited numbers of the fanzine. This time the fanzine would be created in a smaller, more suitable size.

Deep Fade create ritual noise that fills the spaces left by the fragmentation of memory over time, the flow of
what an event, experience, or place was into what it has become, and the possibility of its further transformation.
They draw on aspects of industrial, experimental, noise, minimalism, and electronics to create a destabilizing and uneasy atmosphere. Here, in this space outside of place and time, improbabilities flow, reconfiguring sense and perception. The sound of Deep Fade reflects paramnesia, the changing of a sense of place within our memories until that memory has become radically altered from its original form and is now more dream than reality. Similarly, their work represents the degradation, splitting and amplification of radio waves as they encounter physical obstacles or barriers, forever morphing and shapeshifting. Everything changes. There is no solid ground beneath your feet.

During her time back home in Detroit from 2021-2023, Amanda made recordings at some of the still-working manufacturers, and at construction and demolition sites around the city’s north and east sides,
where she grew up. These have been incorporated into the six tracks on Line of Flight, left as the cacophony that is the sound of laborers in a machine shop, morphed into bursts of sudden interference, or heard in the gentle lapping of the Detroit River against the shore of Belle Isle, a critical site in the city’s history and transformation.

Deep Fade is a new project from long-time collaborators Amanda Votta, Grey Malkin (The Hare and The Moon,
Uath, and more) and Neddal Ayad (The Goslings, The Spectral Light and others).

This album easily taps into a flow alongside the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Deathprod and Lou Reed's
"Metal Machine Music".

This is a six track cd which comes in black kraft card cd sleeves with paste on artwork.
The Paramnesia Fanzine features an assortment of distressed images and photographs and is made to order.

Cost as follows:
CD & Limited Edition Fanzine = £15.00
Postage/ Shipping Cost is extra.



A Lantern in the Great Dome

(Sleep FUSE SF 50)

For my 50th release on Sleep FUSE I present the debut album from LampEyes. "A Lantern in the Great Dome" originally appeared as a very limited cassette release a while back via Dub Cthotic. This new Sleep FUSE edition has new rejigged artwork. The mysterious LampEyes is a Oxfordshire-based experimental electronic soundscapes project, inspired by folklore, musique concrète & reel to reel tape machines.

Presented in a edition of 40 copies.

Check out "Sunrise in the 3rd System" from the album here :

Cost as follows :

UK = £8.50

Europe = £12.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £13.00 GBP

Paypal to



Ectoplasm Collector

Potion Stream Intoxication

(Sleep FUSE SF 49)


Do you dare to enter the supernatural world of the Ectoplasm Collector ?. This album contains hexed sound experiments and erratic electroacoustic abstractions recorded in the woods. Mixed at Diluculum Laboratories with a 16th century mindset. Electronics, voice and field recordings by Ectoplasm Collector. Drones (track 2) and glass clinking (track 9) by Malfunctioned Time Machines. This is a much darker, evil and stranger sister album from the same creator as the Malfunctioned Time Machines release from a while back. Check out "Ritual In The Woods" here :

Cost as follows :

UK = £8.00

Europe = £11.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £12.00 GBP

Paypal to



SF 48
The Heartwood Institute
50 Copies

Here we go again with yet another superb release from The Heartwood institute. This time we have Mardale.
This was originally available as a download only album in july 2019. This is Volume One in an occasional series: Landscape and Memory. Mardale was submerged in the late 1930’s when the water level of the valley’s lake was raised to make Haweswater Reservoir by Manchester Corporation. The entire community gave up it’s lands an livelihoods. Most of the village's buildings were blown up by the Royal Engineers, who used them for demolition practice. The exception was the small church, which could accommodate only 75 people, and had an all-ticket congregation for its last service. It was then dismantled in April 1937, stone by stone, and the stones and windows were re-used to build the water take-off tower which is situated along the Western shore of the reservoir. On several occasions over the years, during a hot summer when the water level drops, you can see the remains of the lost village. Away me lads, away.....

Available in a individually numbered edition of 50 copies.
Comes in a plastic wallet with kraft paper sleeves and picture cd labels.




SF 47
The Heartwood Institute
Witch Phase Four
50 Copies

Reverb Worship via Sleep FUSE presents a reissue of this wonderful album which dates back to halloween 2017.
I always really liked this album which was only previously available as a download. Many thanks to the amazing
Jonathan Sharp for allowing me to reissue this in its first physical form . This is a five track cdr which clocks in at almost 30 minutes in length. Disturbia, paranoia and psychological terror abound with a myriad selection of sound samples which transform the listener into some weird shadowy supernatural place.
Available as a individually numbered edition of 50 copies.
Comes with white card sleeves paste on photographic panel artwork and reverse sticker.




SF 46

David Colohan

Wells Cathedral Morning

40 Copies

This is my first project with David Colohan for quite some time. I'm very pleased to announce the first physical release of "Wells Cathedral Morning". These recordings are David's attempt to recapture the memories of his visit. Whilst wandering through the cathedral, the sound of the organist rehearsing in those grand surroundings inspired David to create this. Available as a individually numbered edition of 40 copies.

UK = £8.00

Europe = £11.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £12.50 GBP

Paypal to


Check it out here :


Malfunctioned Time Machines

"Scattered Dream Patterns" CD

(Sleep FUSE SF 45)

40 Copies

Reverb Worship / Sleep FUSE presents the debut recordings by Malfunctioned Time Machines entitled "Scattered


Dream Patterns". This mysterious styled electronic project beautifully conjures up immense feelings of cosmic drift


with its glitches and intergalactic space drones and gurgling mechanical rumblings as if being channeled from


some strange far away galaxy. The cd contains five tracks (adding two more exclusive tracks to the cd edition).


The cd comes in an edition of 40 individually numbered copies.

Check it out here :

The cd costs £8.50 (UK).

Paypal to


For european, USA and ROW orders please use the following link :

SF 43

Tarantula Parlour

The Poisonous Portrait

45 Copies

I'm very pleased indeed to be offering up the debut release by Tarantula Parlour entitled "The Poisonous Portrait"
via Sleep FUSE. This is Sarada's brand new dungeon synth project. Originally we started discussing this one
pre-pandemic. Sarada went away with various ideas and has basically created something which really is a great listen.
This project fully utilizes Sarada's love of creepy vintage horror movie soundtracks and adds a few extra elements of
retro sounding 1970's electronic kosmiche and haunting satiesque piano motifs.. This is a six track EP which clocks in at

around 21 minutes of music and comes as a cardboard boxed limited 
edition 8cm mini cdr. Each cd box is

numbered and comes with an insert and clothing peg. 
Sarada has also provided the artwork for

the box lid which 
works beautifully.


Cost as follows :

UK = £11.50

Europe = £16.50 GBP (standard airmail with no tracking)

USA & ROW = £18.50 GBP (standard airmail with no tracking)

Apologies for the cost of international shipping (NOT MY FAULT).

Paypal to



SF 40

Tim Cross

Every Place is Special

40 Copies

I am really delighted to be releasing the debut album from Tim Cross.As soon as I listened to this album I knew

straight away that this fitted the Sleep FUSE aesthetic perfectly.Tim describes himself as a "sound explorer and

arranger, voyaging through the aural universe".This is correct in every way.All of the nine tracks on this album

were improvised in one take, without multitracking.I must say there are some lovely sonic textures on this

really lovely ambient electronic sounding album. This is a individually numbered edition of 40 copies.

Comes in white card sleeves with paste on artwork and

reverse sticker.Original artwork by Marika Asgari.

Check out "White House From A Dream" and/or the complete album here :

Cost as follows :

UK = £7.50

Europe = £10.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £11.50 GBP

Please paypal to



SF 38

Chewed Palaces

Sacred Geometries / Time Shift

50 copies split with the artists

Super pleased to announce the debut clear vinyl lathe cut 7" 45rpm single on Sleep FUSE from

Chewed Palaces. A superb collaboration from Peter Lyon aka Palace Of Swords (vocals and lyrics)


and Allan Murphy aka Chewed Tape (Music and production). This one was a super quick turnaround


and has turned out very well indeed. You get two slices of psi-fi electronic futuristic uptempo


garage a-go-go which are mixes unique to this disc. The two tracks on this disc are special mono


mixes which are different to the download versions (created to celebrate the debut Throbbing Gristle

single which was also released in mono all those years ago).

Comes in individually numbered atomic orange and pulsating purple card sleeves.

Listen/download here :

Discs cut by Phil Pio at 345RPM Lathe Cutting



SF 37

Tech Riders

Double Factorial

Limited edition 2 x 8cm mini cdr set

30 Copies

This Sleep FUSE release is more or less exactly the kind of thing I set up the label for in the first place.


Here we have "Double Factorial" by Tech Riders aka Sindre Bjerga and Frans de Waard.

Both of these artists have created interesting music in the electronic and drone scene for some time.


It has been a kind of very theraputic exercise creating this release. First of all it was cool working with


Sindre again (the last time was with Bjerga & Iverson on Reverb Worship sometime ago).


Secondly I wanted to work with Frans for sometime having enjoyed his work over previous projects


including Beequeen and Freiband. I was given the task of creating a look for the release with utilizing


the guys idea of using 1980's xerox artwork which they both loved. So.. each of these 30 boxes


is different with different applied paste on panels. They are presented in a 8cm x 8cm cardboard


box which contains two 8cm mini cdrs which have hand ink stamps in blue and pink plus a numbered

insert. Both discs contain sixteen minutes of music recorded at Worm, Rotterdam, the Netherlands


in february 26th-27th 2019. The music on these discs contains industrial experimental sounds,


musique concrete, cut up samples, noises and much more which make for a really absorbing listen.



Cost as follows :


UK = £15.00


Europe = £18.00 GBP


USA & ROW = £19.00 GBP


Paypal to




SF 35

Disciple Of Dagon


20 Copies

For my next release on Sleep FUSE may I introduce you to the very mysterious

Disciple Of Dagon. Originally issued on a very very limited and long sold out cassette.

The music on this EP touches base with both dark ambient and dungeon synth.


“I cannot think of the deep sea without shuddering at the nameless things that may at this very


moment be crawling and floundering on its slimy bed, worshiping their ancient stone idols


and carving their own detestable likenesses on submarine obelisks of water-soaked granite“.

The EP contains five tracks with around sixteen minutes of music. Recorded as a demo but actually


sounds amazingly good indeed, with its bubbling, gurgling ambient textures and themes.

This is a 8cm mini cdr which comes in a cardboard box. Each copy of the cd is individually


numbered and comes with an insert and a small selection of skull beads.

Check out "Ritual Of The Deep Ones" here :

Cost as follows :

UK = £11.00

Europe = £14.00 GBP

USA & ROW = £15.50 GBP

Please paypal to



Violet Nox

Future Fast

SF 33

40 Copies

Tracks :

Cosmic Bits / Moonshine / Super Fan / Bell Song.

I'm delighted to be offering up the brand new release from Violet Nox entitled "Future Fast".


The band have taken time to evolve and create their own kind of "futuristic manefesto" which


has a more electronic based feel which is in my opinion is the best music they have created


so far. This is a four track cd which was recorded at Studio Eight at the Berwick Building,


Roxbury MA , USA. It was engineered by Andrew Abrahamson and mixed by the band.


Cover art by the one and only Dez DeCarlo.

The cover inserts are printed onto 170 gsm glossy photo paper.

The discs are black bottom dye cdrs with printed cd labels. Each cd comes with an insert.

Check out and/or download "Future Fast" here :



SF 32



40 copies

 I was Ccontacted and asked by  Tim Bowness ( No-Man / Plenty) if I would be interested in


releasing some music by his current keyboard player Brian Hulse. After listening and sorting


a few things we are and released on Sleep FUSE. "fastnet" is a forty six minute album


comprising two pieces of  music.The first of which is the title track "fastnet" which weighs


in at around forty two minutes. This is a reflective and atmospheric instrumental ambient piece.


The second track "from the slime to the sofa" is a short vocal track which ends off the album


nicely. This is edition of 40 individually numbered copies which has been split with Burning Shed.


Each cd comes in a tear open card mailer with paste on and reverse stickered artwork.



SF 31

Hawksmoor Recorded Live At The Cube, Bristol.

40 Copies

It's always a huge pleasure for me to work with James McKeown. This time on Sleep FUSE


rather than Reverb Worship. So..i'm delighted to announce Hawksmoor - Recorded Live At

The Cube Microplex, Bristol on 7th September 2019. This was part of the Environmental


Studies, Research #1 event. The recording, captured using an ambient room microphone,

features tracks from the Hawksmoor debut album. The live versions, differ somewhat from


the original recordings as they are alternative mixes, supplemented with live instrumentation.

James McKeown - Moog Sub37, Bass, Laptop, Voice.

Presented in white card sleeves with colour paste on artwork.

Check it out here :




Cost as follows :


UK = £7.50


Europe = £11.00 GBP


USA & ROW = £11.50 GBP


Paypal to




SF 30


Kepier Widow

"Orientation" EP

30 Copies

This is the "Orientation" EP from Kepier Widow. You may or may not know too much about


Kepier Widow, who is formerly known as Joseph Curwen aka Alexander Roberts. 


This new three track EP visits the same huge Curwenesque ambient mindwarp as both


of The Hare And The Moon Remixes cds from a while ago. It comes with very cool designed


artwork by Robin Megannity.

Cost as follows :

UK = £7.00

Europe = £10.00 GBP

USA & ROW = £10.50 GBP

Paypal to



SF 29

The Mortlake Bookclub

Requiem For Uriel EP

40 Copies

Praise be and prepare yourself. It's always a comforting thought to consider myself as a


honoury member of the esteemed and dark bretheren aka The Mortlake Bookclub.

It's been a while since the "Wyrd Kalendar" track appeared on the Mega Dodo compilation.


Since that time the midnight oil and creative juices have been flowing in dark candlelit


premises in a far away land under complete and total secresy. This latest offering from


these four gentlemen in the form of "Requiem For Uriel". This is a dark and hauntingly


brooding EP of newly recorded material which is again inspired and directed by the


surrealist parlour game Exquisite Corpse. As previous recordings mastered


by JC Blackley Industries.



Cost as follows :

UK = £7.00

Europe = £10.00 GBP

USA & ROW = £10.50 GBP

Paypal to



SF 28

Linda & Steve Hillman


Expanded Reissue Cd 

50 Copies

Continuing my fascination with electronic music from yesteryear. Here we present the


2019 Sleep FUSE expanded reissue of "Ashtar" from Steve Hillman and his late wife Linda.


This really is a very relaxing and chilled out album to listen to. The underlying concept


that Linda and Steve had in mind was that the music would utilise various ancient


musical modes (Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian etc.) to create music that was by turns


mysterious, tranquil, meditative, atmospheric and to hopefully evoke vistas of long


forgotten civilisations.

Recording commenced on a humble four track portastudio in 1984 and the resultant album


"Ashtar" was released by Mirage in 1985. It was then released on Steve's Eye Tapes label in


1987 but with some melodic synth lines added to the title track and to “Silver Sleep” as it


was thought the original versions needed some extra textural sounds. “Reflections”, from


1985’s “Evocations” album, was also included with some new synth added.


The album was re-released again as a limited edition CD-R on the Auricle Music label in


2003. Since then it has remained unavailable but here it is again, this time in an expanded


form to include “Solace”, which was recorded during the sessions in 1984, plus the original


1985 Mirage release versions of the title track and “Silver Sleep”.

Check out "Ashtar" here :

This new Sleep FUSE reissue has been supervised by Steve himself. It comes with re-edited


artwork which was a painting by Linda from an original idea by Steve.

Available as a individually numbered edition of 50 copies with paste on photographic


panel artwork in opaque amaray style dvd cases.

Many thanks to the amazing Steve Hillman for allowing me to do this.



SF 27

Mercury's Butterfly

"Dream Dayze"

30 Copies

Mercury's Butterfly is a dreamy gothic/ethereal wave project from Orland, CA, USA.


Relatively unknown, the project mainly exists in the underground. As of its inception


the lineup consisted of Feywer on bass, guitar, vocals and keyboards.

This music reminded me a lot of early 4AD releases from the 1980's.


The EP contains six excellent tracks and comes in a numbered edition of 30 copies.

Cost as follows:

UK = £7.00

Europe = £10.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £11.00 GBP

Paypal to


Listen to "Dancehall Nightmare" here :


SF 26

Carl Matthews


50 Copies 

Hot on the heels of reissuing Carl's "Iridescence" cd, I present another wonderful album.


This time we have "East/West" which dates back to before the previous release.


Originally issued on cassette only on the Mirage label during 1982."East/West" contains


nine tracks of amazing music. All written, produced and played by Carl. This reissue has


been mastered down by Carl himself from the original master tapes. Again...this is the first


time in thirty seven years that this album has been available. I have tried to keep the


aestheic of this reissue as close to the original cassette theme as possible by using the same


cover image and track running order. This is an edition of 50 individually numbered copies in


a opaque amaray sized dvd case. The cover insert has paste on glossy photographic panel


artwork by Fenchel who was a german music journalist, musician and roadie with Tangerine


Dream at one time.



SF 25

Alejandro Morse

Auditory Visitations

30 Copies 

I'm delighted to release my second EP on Sleep FUSE by mexican electronic musician


Alejandro Morse aka Edgar Medina. This time we have "Auditory Visitations" which is a


three track twenty two minute EP. This is a 8cm mini cd EP in individually numbered


limited edition of 30 copies.Cover artwork by Edgar Medina.The covers are printed onto


170gsm glossy photographic paper.Each cd comes with a download code.

Check out "Leave Everything Behind" here :



Cost as follows :

UK = £7.00

Europe = £9.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £10.50 GBP

Please paypal to



SF 24

Carl Matthews


50 Copies 

For my first full length cd on Sleep FUSE i'm really excited to announce the reissue of Carl Matthews


"Iridescence" album. Carl was one of the early pioneers in the UK electronic/synthesist movement,


producing cassette releases via Mirage, Electronical Dreams and various compilations. "Iridescence"


was originally released in 1983 on Mirage on cassette only. This cassette is now mega hard to find.


This Sleep FUSE reissue cd has been given full consent from Carl himself and is the first time in


thirty six years that the album has been available. "Iridescence" contains seven superb tracks of


electronic music which has not dated at all. This album has many comparisons with 1980's era


Tangerine Dream, Peter Baumann and Klaus Schultze. All of this album was played and produced


by Carl in 1982/3. I have tried to keep the aestheic of this reissue as close to the original cassette


theme as possible by using the same cover image and track running order.This is an edition of 50


individually numbered copies. It comes in a opaque amaray sized dvd case.The cover insert has


paste on glossy photographic panel artwork.

Listen to "Silent Watcher" here :



SF 23

Count Shirintsu


Welcome Back, Count Shirintsu

30 Copies

Sleep FUSE presents the debut recording from Count Shirintsu. This is again a venture


into dungeon synth territory which tells the tale of Count Shirintsu.

I am back

After 7 long years

My name’s Shirintsu, Count of Akashiga realm. I reigned for a long time, in peace and


prosperity, until a group of slimy opponents took the power and forced me into exile.

On a rainy day, they celebrated my funeral.They performed a great ceremony, great


as the play they made up. A dead body was shown to my people as mine, dressed in


luxurious and large clothes. A mask was placed on the face of a plebian farmer,

murdered just to replace my corpse.

But I was alive.

Uncrowned and dethroned, forced to leave my people and my reign by an alliance of


slimy opponents, invidious of the greatness of my figure and my kingdom. They took


everything from me in a moonless night. They slaughtered my family and enslaved my


servants, and harmless against the blades, I was forced in exile far from my land.

However, few people did not believe the great lie about my death. One of them,


Kyoden, understood the false act and showed it for what it was to a handful of faithful.


With them, I studied and planned my return and my ultimate vengeance. Now finally


my kingdom is restored, but I need your help to tell my story to the world.

Spread the word, the Count is back!

This is a six track 8cm cd EP which clocks in at around 21 minutes.If you liked the


Pendragon, Resinator and Ancient Boreal Forest releases you will love this one.

Check out the EP here :

Cost as follows :

UK = £7.00

Europe = £9.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £10.50 GBP

Please paypal to


holycircle live.jpg

SF 22

The Holy Circle

Debut EP Reissue

30 Copies

Delighted to be offering up the Sleep FUSE reissue of the superb debut EP by The Holy Circle.


This trio come from the USA and comprise Terence Hannum (Synths), Erica Burgner-Hannum


(vocals) and Nathan Jurgenson (drums). Terence is known for playing in the black metal-


influenced/drone group, Locrian. I have liked this dreamy synth pop drone four track EP for


some time now, so it seemed like a cool fit for Sleep FUSE.

Check out "Polaris" here :

Cost as follows :

UK = £7.00

Europe = £9.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £10.50 GBP

Please paypal to



SF 21


A Spring Festival

30 Copies

Sleep FUSE is very pleased indeed to announce "A Spring Festival", the latest EP by Resinator.


This EP has been specially recorded for release via Sleep FUSE. It contains two tracks


clocking in at around 20 minutes. Resinator is one of my favourite dungeon synth artists


at the moment. This new EP has been keeping me entertained for a while now and is well


worth your attention.It also contains a download code for both tracks.

Check out "Silver Haze" here :

Cost as follows :

UK = £7.00

Europe = £10.00 GBP

USA & ROW = £11.00 GBP

Please paypal to



SF 20

Child Of Night


40 Copies

For the twentieth release on Sleep FUSE i'm very pleased in deed to be offering up a superb


reissue of Child Of Night's "Breathless". Child of Night is a darkwave band from Columbus, Ohio.


These guys create superb music and are one of the cool current crop of US bands that have been


attracting my attention for a while now. "Breathless" is a five track EP.As usual with all Sleep FUSE


releases it comes as a individually numbered 8cm mini cdr. As a special bonus each copy comes


with a code to download the bands three track "Neither Of These Alone Is Enough" EP.

Check out the official video for "Hope Is All We Have" here :

Cost as follows :

UK = £7.00

Europe = £10.00 GBP

USA & ROW = £11.00 GBP

Paypal to


lunacy live.jpg

SF 19


Resurgence Of Compulsion

40 Copies

To celebrate the third year since it's original release. Sleep FUSE is delighted to reissue the debut


"Resurgence Of  Compulsion" EP by Lunacy. This was originally issued on cassette on Time Castle Recordings.


So this will be the EP's debut on cd which sounds totally superb. This recording contains five tracks of demos


and home recordings which were recorded on Center Street during the winter of 2016. For this reissue we


have used alternative purple/blue colour artwork. The cd comes with an adapted version of the original


cassette J-card.Edition of 40 individually numbered copies. As with all Sleep FUSE releases this is a 8cm mini cdr.

Listen here :

Cost as follows :

UK = £7.00

Europe = £10.00 GBP

USA & ROW = £11.00 GBP

Paypal to



SF 18


The Heartwood Institute

The Divided Self

30 Copies


So here it is then.You are about to be taken into modular synth experimentation heaven....again.


This a reissue of this superb EP by The Heartwood Institute which was orignally available as part


of my Sleep FUSE Subscription series. "The Divided Self" has been Inspired by the work and writings


of  R.D.Laing, somewhat of a maverick visionary in the field of psychiatry. **This cd comes with


different artwork (purple cover rather than yellow) with the same two tracks as before.

The first edition of this cd was sold out in  around 24 hours.

Thanks to Jonathan Sharp...again.



SF 17



30 Copies

I'm really pleased to be reissuing the Planetarivm debut EP by Satis on Sleep FUSE. Satis is a


synth-driven coldwave/darkwave post punk project from the Santiago Metropolitan Region of


Chile. This superb 20 minute EP contains five tracks plus a bonus sixth track which was not


on the original release.

Listen to "Planetarivm" here :

Cost as follows :

UK = £7.00

Europe = £10.00 GBP

USA & ROW = £11.00 GBP

Paypal to


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