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Black Moon Tape
(Reverb Worship  RW 468)
Edition of 50 Numbered Copies

I am super exited to finally be releasing music by Black Moon Tape. I have wanted to do so for sometime now. Finally here we are with this brand new third and final album which contains twelve excellent tracks. Recorded at Wood Studio, June 2019 - March 2022. Engineered and mixed by Maxime Wathieu and produced by the band.
Will adds "After having revisited and appeased teenage days (Salvation Of Morgane), years as young adult (Hello Ghost), “Asaliah” will end Black Moon Tape's Trilogy of the Past. Consisting of 2 parts (2 EPs), the project will explore a dream received in the 2000s and its materialization in the physical world today. Several compositions of Asaliah have been preserved on MiniDiscs and resurfaced here in definitive versions. This lost physical support reminds us of a time when we listened to music in other way than on our smartphone screen".
This is a superb album with all music and lyrics by Will Z.  Cover concept by Will obviously on a MiniDisc theme which works beautifully. Edition of 50 individually numbered copies wirhg full colour glossy photographic panel artwork and stickered reverse. The cds come with plain cerulian blue hand rollered labels.

Cost as follows :
UK = £10.00
Europe = £14.00 GBP
USA & ROW = £15.00
Paypal to


Black Swan Triad Lathe Image.jpg

Brick Road III

(RW 469)

40 Copies

Reverb Worship meets Brick Road.  We had choices to make in deciding which album to do. Finally we mutually agreed on this one.  This is the Brick Road III album which is a rather superb canadian cosmic folktronic project. Originally released as a cassette. This reissue comes with artwork printed on gold metallic paper. It fits the RW aesthetic perfectly. This is a eight track album which clocks in at almost 62 minutes in length. Check out the seventh track on the album, the glistening and glichy "Pollinator Prayer" :

Cost as follows :

UK = £8.50

Europe = £16.00 GBP (tracked shipping)

USA & ROW = £17.00 GBP (tracked shipping).

Paypal to


***If you preordered anything else from me this can go postage free. Apologies all international orders must be tracked at the moment.

The Black Swan Triad
Sunrise / Enchantment
Clear Vinyl 7" Lathe Cut Single
(Reverb Worship RW 467)
Edition of 50 numbered copies


I am super pleased to announce brand new music from The Black Swan Triad. The two tracks featured on this 7" clear vinyl lathe cut are the first fruits of extensive recording sessions. The Black Swan Triad are Ashtoreth, Grey Malkin, Menalaeh, Steve Hermit, Stratosphere and Vinlandsraud.

The music has been mixed and mastered as before by  Ronald Mariën.

The Black Swan Triad's music is described as an exploration of the elements and beyond. It has extensive mystical, spiritual and ceremonial qualities all performed in exacting ritualistic detail.

A very wonderful listen which follows on from their immense "Symbiosis" album.

Available as a individually numbered clear vinyl 7" lathe cut single. Edition of 50 copies. It comes in handmade black card sleeves with paste on photographic artwork by Grey Malkin.

Comes with a download code for both tracks.

Check out the wonderful video for "Sunrise" here :

Cost as follows:

UK = £17.00

Europe = £22.00 GBP

USA & ROW = £23.00 GBP

Please paypal to

Could you please include your postal/shipping address with your payment. As always many thanks for your continued support.

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Chino Burga

Lass Dich Leiten ~ A Tribute To Nico

8" Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut Single

(Reverb Worship RW 466)

Edition of 45 numbered copies ONLY

Chino Burga was member of several peruvian psychedelic underground bands like La Ira de Dios, 3AM,

Culto al Condor, among others. His recent solo career developed his signature drone guitar sound with

hard driving kosmische soundscapes mixed with Andean music which creates a hypnotic spacey trance

with emphasis in the lack of tempo (or time).

Having known Chino Burga for a while we started discussing doing music together. Eventually we decided

on these two tracks as Chino's tribute to Christa Paffgen aka Nico. This single features cover versions

of "König" and "The Falconer".

Released as a 8" clear vinyl 45rpm lathe cut in a numbered edition of 45 copies only (Chino likes the number 45).

Comes with stickered and specially handmade matt black card sleeves with a numbered insert and download

code for both tracks. Lathes cut by Phil Macy @

Cost as follows :

UK = £19.50

Europe = £22.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £24.50 GBP

Paypal to




Check out both tracks here :

2022-09-02 18.37.57.jpg





Minstrels For Sleepless

My Father The Sea & Other Fables

Limited Edition CD

(Reverb Worship RW 465)

This really incredible album has taken around ten years to come to fruition. Recorded and created by Nicholas Palmer aka Directorsound. This huge ambitious project dates back to being originally started in London and then went into limbo until Nick moved back to Dorset. Minstrels For Sleepless is a totally seperate project to Directorsound. This is one of those special albums which always seems to offer up something different to your ears each time you listen to it. Very hard to pigeonhole how this one sounds...except to say its beautifully played on acoustic instrumentation with harmonium, accordion, piano, guitar, banjo, recorders, clarinet, lapsteel, cello and percussion. At times there is a ethic vibe to it but there is also lots of gorgeous spaces in the music and field recordings too. Featuring lovely contributions from Ellen Harris (vocals), Sharron Kraus (vocals), Gráinne Nestor (vocals), Chris Cole (cello) and Ian Holford (hand drums).

This is an art edition cd which comes in a numbered edition of 50 copies.

It comes in hand assembled kraft card sleeves with photographic paste on artwork and banding.


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margery daw

'false delicacy'

(Reverb Worship RW 464)

Edition of 40 numbered copies

A while ago I released a split cd by Margery Daw & Dangerlamb? called "Old Sins Uncovered". It was a joy to do and it gave me food for thought to think what a 'actual' margery daw album would bring to the musical table. I asked Alan Cynics if I could like do more music with margery daw in the form of album of new recordings. I'm so pleased the answer was 'yes'.

'false delicacy' offers up eight tracks of dreamlike shimmering folktronic psychedelic strangeness which is a great listen. Without even listening to the music on the album, the track titles themselves conjure up intrigue and wonder.

"Poor Joseph" is a cautionary song about 18th/19th century threshing machines. Snakestanger is based on a traditional rhyme. Snakestanger was a country name for a dragonfly, which was believed to be venomous and able to distinguish good from bad boys. Mr. Hurdich's Mission is inspired by by two 19th century newspaper articles which were combined. So it continues to create a truly magical album. The album contains contributions from Dangerlamb? aka Alan Cynics who also mixed the songs.

Available in a numbered edition of 40 numbered copies. The cd comes with paste on hand torn to size glossy photographic artwork white card sleeves and insert.

Cost as follows :

UK = £8.50

Europe = £12.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £13.00 GBP

Paypal to


*** I still have a small number of margery daw & dangerlamb? "Old Sins Uncovered" cds available if you missed this.

Dig it.

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2022-08-03 19.40.57.jpg

Fuji Yuki & Kelvin RAS

"Invocation / Evocation"

Primal Music

(Reverb Worship RW 464)

I am super pleased to be be working with a member of one of my favourite japanese bands again.

Although this album was available on bandcamp and also in a instrumental form we felt that a cd art edition of this one would work well. we have the limited cd edition of the Fuji Yuki & Kelvin RAS "Invocation / Evcocation" album. It is always a pleasure to work with Fuji Yuki. She is of course half of the amazing japanese duo Sarry together with Kazu SarryHani Hori. This album features many different elements of sound, french spoken poetry and music. All delivered in a strange but beautiful way.

The cd contains ten tracks and comes with a glossy photographic walleted sleeve and four page booklet.

Edition of 50 copies only. 

Listen to "I'm yesterday and I know tomorrow" here :


Cost as follows :

UK = £10.00

Europe =£14.00 GBP

USA & ROW =£15.00 GBP

Paypal to


You can also purchase a copy of the cd here :


brazil banks

A Million Things For Me To Forget

(RW 459)

Limited Edition Clear Vinyl Lathe Cut 7" Single and Download.


Reverb Worship presents the preorder for its first release of 2022. Here we have the debut physical release by

brazil banks aka Peter Collis. Peter is a member of The Diamond Family Archive.

The brazil banks project is basically a one man arrangement which is totally instrumental with fizzy laid back trippy

folktronic dub vibes. Comes in a individually numbered edition of 50 copies with handmade paste on photographic

artwork covers and business card sized insert. Each lathe comes with a download which features a host of extra music. This edition is split between the artist and label.

The lathe costs £17.00 in the UK (postage included).

For european, USA and ROW orders please use the following link :

Lathes cut at 45rpm by Michael Lawrence (Bladud Flies!).



Golem Mecanique

"Oscura Aeterna" Reissue CD

(Reverb Worship RW 458)

40 Copies

This is my third release with french sacred drone artiste Golem Mecanique aka Karen Jebane.


This time we have a reissue of "Oscura Aeterna" a very limited and long sold out limited edition cassette


which was previously released on Titania Tapes.

"Oscura Aeterna" is a two long pieces of music which features voice, bass, electric processed hurdy gurdy


and electronics. Listening to this album really reminded of Nico's "Desertshore" album.

Cover artwork for this reissue by Thomas Bel

The cd comes in an edition of 40 individually numbered copies in brown craft card sleeves with black


and white torn to size paste on artwork.




Thomas Bel

The Haunting

(RW 457) 40 Copies

Reverb Worship takes great pleasure in the preorder for the brand new recording from Thomas Bel.


Thomas is a superb sad folk, experimental and funeral electronic musician from Toulouse, France.


He has released many recordings overtime also including being one half of WAAR (WE ARE A RITUAL)


dark folk duo with Karen Jebane aka Golem Mecanique.

"The Haunting" is a six track album recorded in one day (august 7th 2021). The music on this disc is


totally instrumental dark, atmospheric funeral electric folk.


This is a handmade individually numbered edition of 40 copies in white card sleeves with paste on artwork.

Check out the album here : The haunting | THOMAS BEL (

Cost as follows :

UK = £8.50

Orders from europe, USA, Canada and ROW please purchase from my ebay :

The Northern Lighthouse Board

A Plague Of Shadows 

(RW  456)

50 Copies 

The Northern Lighthouse Board seem to have created a genre all of their very own. This continues again on their superb

new album entitled "A Plague Of Shadows". This cd contains fourteen tracks of creepy, cinematic atmospheric

soundscapes. This is a handmade individually numbered edition of 50 copies in white card sleeves with

paste on artwork..

Cost as follows :

UK = £8.50

For european, USA and ROW orders please use the following link :



Silver Lining Sweat

Free Shade Easy Light 

(RW 453)

30 Copies

It's cool when old friends return back with another new project. This time Ryan Sullivan (ex Memphis Khan)

has decided to create something slightly different. This new music is more orchestrated with strings, flute,

trumpets and drums and has a retro 70's easy listening vibe to it. Ryan has always been a lovely songwriter


and he displays this again here. The band even do a cover of "Witchita Lineman" which works really well.

The cd comes in an edition of only 30 numbered copies. Each cd has recycled furniture fabric sleeves.

Cost as follows :

UK = £8.00

Europe = £12.00 GBP

USA & ROW = £13.50 GBP

Paypal to


Listen, check out and/or download the album here :

Free Shade Easy Light | Silver Lining Sweat (



This Time Might Be The Golden One At Last

(RW 446)

40 Copies


Super delighted to be offering up the preorder for this second album from Reticence aka Aaron Riverwood.

This is the first Reverb Worship release in a while due to various other things going on which also included

rebuilding a new RW website from scratch which is still being worked on at the moment.

The first Reticence cd I released a while ago, sold out quite quickly. This new album is again of

the highest quality. It contains nine excellent tracks including one track, Aaron calls a "manipulation" of


Nick Drake's "Horn" and "Things Behind The Sun" from Pink Moon.

As a special bonus this cd comes with a bonus nine track download album called "Desire Paths".

This cd comes in a individually numbered edition of 40 copies with download. It comes in a white card


cover with paste on artwork. The cd themselves have green hand rollered cd labels plus an insert.


Check out two tracks from the album here :




Cost as follows :

UK = £8.00

Europe = £11.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £12.00 GBP

Please paypal to



RW 2020 Druid T-shirt with red print.

(RW 443)

Latest batch for 2020 printed in red featuring the David Briggs druid design. Delivery and sizes/colours of these has been effected by lockdown. Just landed this morning printed by Leon my usual t-shirt printmeister.
Turned out really cool as usual these.

Sizes and colours :

Sky Blue (Medium, XL and XXL)

Natural (Pale Cream) Medium, Large and XL)

Indigo Blue (Medium, XL and XXL)

Light Grey (Medium Only)

Tweed - Dark Grey ( XL and XXL)

Black (Large & XL)

Military Green (Medium, Large, XL and XXL).

Yellow / Gold (Large Only)

*** PLEASE NOTE : XXL size t-shirts incur more shipping cost.Please ask me.

Cost as follows :

UK = £14.00

Europe = £16.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £18.00 GBP

Paypal to


Golem Mecanique
"Chant IV" Reissue CD
(Reverb Worship RW 445)
40 Copies

I'm very very pleased indeed to announce my second RW release with french sacred drone artiste Golem Mecanique aka Karen Jebane.This we have a reissue of a very limited and long sold out clear vinyl lathe cut LP from 2016 which was released in France by Drone Sweet Drone Records. "Chant IV" is a compostion for voice, tape and drone box based on canto IV from Dante's "Divine Comedy" where Dante and Virgile are at the gates of hell. They are captured by doubt, fear, and emptiness.
Karen has again provided new cover artwork for this reissue. Golem Mecanique's music fits the folk horror esthetic perfectly combining ghostly sacred medieval styled vocalisms, spoken word and electronic ambient textures.Golem Mecanique recently supported Sunn O))) on tour. Her recent album "Nona, Decima et Morta" was released on Ideologic Organ via Editions Mego. The cd comes in an edition of 40 individually numbered copies in white card sleeves with colour torn to size paste on artwork. In all honestly these have turned out beautifully again.
Listen here :



Needle Into A Bug

Arboreous Call

(RW 434)

40 Copies

For my first release of 2020 I would like to welcome back Needle Into A Bug with the brand new "Arboreous Call" album. This mysterious russian artist has created a worthy follow up to his "Stolen Dream Songs" debut and indeed his owHH (Off With His Head) "Snow Tale" album project. The new album contains ten tracks of wyrdly percussive creepyness which adds a nod to both The Hare And The Moon and The Residents at the same time. This is an edition of 40 copies with artwork by Surrey Grin.

Check out "Arboreous Call" here :

Cost as follows :

UK = £7.00

Europe = £10.00 GBP

USA & ROW = £10.50 GBP

Please paypal to


***When sending your paypal payment please put your shipping address in the notes...thanks!.

Rob Noyes
Demo 2014 Reissue Cd
(RW 428)
40 Copies

A while ago I picked up Rob Noyes "The Feudal Spirit" LP and really loved it. Since then I wanted to release some of Rob's music. He has kindly agree to allow me to reissue his long gone debut demo recordings release from 2014. He originally self released this on cassette. Rob's music not only follows in the footsteps of a long list of superb Bashoesque guitar players, he actually belongs part of their brethren.
Recorded by Kevin Micka 1/26/2014.Edition of 40 copies with artwork by Jason Curran (rejigged by myself).
Listen here :
Cost as follows :
UK = £8.00
Europe = £12.00 GBP
USA & ROW = £14.00 GBP
Paypal to


The Hare And The Moon
10th Anniversary T-shirt
(RW 424)
It's amazing to think that it was 10 years ago that The Hare And The Moon and Grey Malkin crept into RW world. I think it's true to say that neither of us thought that the music being created at that time, and indeed afterwards, would make such a mark of the Folk Horror world. The Hare And The Moon no longer exist and have vanished into the woods.
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Hare And The Moon we present a selection of t-shirts. These are available in Cardinal Red, Military Green, Goth Purple, Ash Grey, Dark Heather Grey and a few in White.
Sizes are Medium, Large and Extra Large.
These t-shirts cost £10.00 each plus postage shipping cost.
UK = £14.00
Europe = £16.50 GBP
USA & ROW = £18.00 GBP
Paypal to


Alice Artaud

"Moira - Live From The Gates Of Hell".

Radio Rectangle Session 15/09/2018

(RW 408)

Limited Edition 8cm mini cdr EP (40 Copies)

Sometimes things come along thats too irresistable to miss. That was the case here with Alice Artaud's superb and very intimate Radio Rectangle session. Recorded earlier this year and featuring a wonderful band. The session features song's from Alice's baroque folk psyche "Moira" album. In all you get eight

tracks which clock in at just over 21 minutes.

This is a edition of 40 copies only.

Check it out here :

Cost as follows :

UK = £6.00

Europe = £9.00 GBP

USA & ROW £9.50 GBP

Paypal to



(Reverb Worship RW 407)
30 Copies ONLY.

Reverb Worship presents a highly limited edition cd featuring the complete recordings of Dizzyluna.
This band was formed in 1995 from the ashes of Wonder Whip. Named after the bands respect for
the immortal composer of "Green Acres" and "Addams Family" themes Vic Mizzy, combined with
their love for Can's "Come Sta La Luna".
The cd contains nineteen tracks, most of which are previously unreleased. These range from studio recordings, live tracks and covers by Wonder Whip, Nino Rota and The Stooges/Rudy Martinez.
The bands only ever cd release was a POFD (Planet Of Forbidden Delights) compilation cd. Put out by
the band in a joint release with Olive, 23 Aliens and the Girl Robots. All five of Dizzyluna's tracks are on
the RW cd. The band play a wacky weirdo brand of prog/RIO /quirkrock. Comes with wonderful artwork by Brad Tucker. With many thanks to Scott Telles who asked me to do this. RW devotees will remember various releases with Scott's other bands...ST 37 and My Education and American Vodka.
Edition of 30 numbered copies ONLY.

Cost as follows :
UK = £7.50
Europe = £10.50 GBP
USA & ROW = £11.00 GBP
Paypal to


Alice Artaud


(RW 403)

50 Copies

I am very, very pleased indeed to be offering up the reissue of Alice Artaud's "Ouroboros" cd.

This was Alice's debut album, originally released in march 2015. "Ouroboros" is probably one of

the weirdest psych-folk albums ever. It tells the tale in french of Ouroboros, a giant snake who

send dreams to children and of a Masked Queen who wants to kill him. This album could have

been recorded in 1979 with only guitars, mellotron, Moog, piano,organ, sitar and percussion,

sounding like a lost gem from end of 70's.

If you like the music of Will Z, oG, Black Moon Tape, Futur Passe, Malicorne, Circulus,

The Ilk etc you will really love this album. It was produced and arranged by Will Z.

With :

Alice Artaud: guitar, vocals, narration

Will Z.: all instruments

Sammy Goldstein : drums

Hadrien Meyers: child voice

Cost as follows :

UK = £7.50

Europe = £10.50 GBP

USA & ROW = £11.00 GBP

Paypal to


Listen to the album here :

IMG_20201130_141300 (2).jpg
IMG_20201130_141331 (2).jpg


"Meditation Overdrive"

Limited Edition Cd

(Reverb Worship RW 368)

Reverb Worship is delighted to present the handcrafted 
cd edition of Majnun's "Meditation Overdrive" album.


Majnun is the amazing guitarist from the sadly defunct Cosmic Trip Machine. 


"Meditation Overdrive" is a collection of 13 psychedelic tracks featuring Will Z (fuzz bass)  and


Sammy Goldstein (drums).


The album was recorded in 2017.


The cd comes in bright yellow  amaray style dvd cases. Each cd is individually numbered.


Edition of 50 copies.


Cost as follows : 

UK = £8.00

Europe = £13.00 GBP

USA & ROW = £14.50 GBP

Please paypal to


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